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Cable Hauling

Cable Hauling

As experts in everything underground here at AusConnect, we have the skills and experience required to complete high-quality and long-lasting cable hauling and installation. When it comes to the hauling of cabling that will connect streets, towns and cities, you need to pick the supplier you can trust to get the job done. With years of experience as cabling contractors, we understand the various requirements needed to complete the project.

AusConnect Underground Services has all the qualifications required and wanted to deliver any of our client’s cable hauling needs. Whether its Optic Fibre, Low Voltage Power, or High Voltage Mains, AusConnect has all the up to date equipment and personnel to ensure your hauling is done to any specifications required.

For all your cable hauling and installing project requirements get in touch with the team from AusConnect. As experienced installers with years of experience, we have the industry knowledge to get the job done right every time. Give us a call today or fill out our project enquiry form now to get your project up and running.

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