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Grundomat Boring

When you need an alternative to horizontal directional drilling to install underground conduit short distances, Grundomat Boring is the service for you. Using compressed air to blast through the ground our experienced teams are able to install utilities without tearing up roads, driveways or garden beds.

Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools (driven by compressed air) have provided accurate horizontal bores beneath roads, railways and landscaping across Australia for over 45 years. Thanks to the grundomat technology the Water, Gas, Sewer and Electrical industries have all benefited from this trenchless installation.

When you require utility installation but are unsure how to best go about installing it, give the team at AusConnect a call. Our experienced technicians will be able to decide which of our services, including our grundomat bore, best suit your project. Call today or send your project information or questions through our online enquiry form.

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